Charli and Daniel

Sweet love on a farm with family and friends

Kelsey and Sean

Branded for life

CeCe and Jason

A creekside ceremony

Birth of Amias

Home birth to a sweet baby boy

Reneah and Harry

All things dancing and cool cars

Chandler and Torin

Sweet country style wedding

Jordyn and Brent

Meadow ceremony with a backyard reception

Sydney and Dustin

Country club wedding

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Film Frequently Asked Questions

How do you pick the music for our highlight film?

On your wedding day I will be completely present. This helps me be more in tune with you and your partner. After your wedding day is over I will sit down and listen to music that I feel like would help tell the love story from your day. Once I have found the perfect music I legally license the song/s and started editing your highlight. Because I license your highlight song/s it means you can be confident in posting on social media without copyright infringement issues.

What resolution will my videos be?

I deliver all videos in 1080. I will record your entire day in 4k so I can utilize the 4k footage to crop in closer or reframe as needed. This way you still get a high resolution video without distractions or better footage without eyesores.

How do you capture our vows?

On your wedding day I use 3 redundancies for capturing audio. I will ask to place a mic on your officiant and you or your partner. This little mic wont be seen but will capture clear spoken audio during your ceremony. I will also ask to plug a recorder into your DJ’s set up to capture the audio from the mics that the DJ would have you use. The last line of redundancy is my directional mic that are placed on my cameras. This gives me confidence to include audio from your day in your highlight video and your longer documentation style edits of your ceremony and speeches.

How many cameras do you use for our wedding?

On your wedding day I will use 2 cameras most of the day. One will be stationary for things like speeches, dances and tosses. And the other I will have with me. During your ceremony I will use 3 cameras the entire time. This ensures you have multiple angles during your ceremony. Some weddings I bring an assistant with me to help with stationary cameras. This person is just to be a second hand for me, not to be a second videographer. If you would like a second videographer please let me know!

Can I get my wedding videos on DVD or Blu Ray?

Yes! I will deliver all of your videos with an online platform so they are easy to share with family and friends. You can also download them from the same site. With that said, I recognize that some couples, family or friends would prefer to have a “hard copy” of all the videos. DVD and Blu Ray options are available for an additional fee per disk.

When should I expect our wedding videos?

I deliver highlight videos 8 to 10 weeks after your wedding day. Why? I don’t want to rush your wedding highlight edits. So that means I take my time to make sure I select the perfect song/s for your highlight. I take my time to re-listen to your vows and get them in your video at just the right time. I relive your day over and over to make sure I tell your wedding story fully and accurately.

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